Peacock Feather Wedding The Hottest Theme in 2010

Published: 26th October 2009
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Although, the thought of peacock feathers, peacock blues and peacock greens may not initially seem totally appropriate or indeed appealing when paired with weddings, this is a theme that has been tipped as the hottest trend for 2010. The design and colours featured throughout the peacock feather is beautifully rich and intricate and this can be implemented in any degree from an understated whisper of colour, to the extreme, by incorporating the theme in every aspect of your wedding, creating a dramatic glamorous affair.

Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate peacock feathers into your wedding day theme.

Wedding Invitations: Plain white invitations featuring a peacock feather and finished to perfection with beautiful satin blue or green ribbon is all you need to create an impact and begin the theme to your whole wedding. Your guests will know immediately that they are going to be attending an amazingly stylish wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Here is where you could combine two hot trends for 2010 in one. 2010 is going to see a big increase in popularity in mix-matched bridesmaid dresses and this works wonders with the Peacock theme. Dress your bridesmaids in the variety of complimentary colours found in the peacock feather with bold, royal blues, teals and greens. The look and style from doing this is warm, chic and very sensational.

Hair Fascinators: Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex in the City movie took feathers to the extreme for her wedding (or first wedding) to Mr Big. Not all fascinators incorporating feathers need to be this big. Create a sophisticated, breath-taking piece by adding a single peacock feather to your fascinator.

Bouquets, Corsages and Bridal Party Flowers: Feathers as a whole are a gorgeous new accent to flowers. Don't let the feathers scare you; add a few through your bouquets to match your theme. To ensure you create the beautiful bouquet you are looking for, try to match the flower colours to the contrasting colours found in a peacock feather and balance this with sharp white or ecru.

Centrepieces and Table Décor: Sage green and teal blue linens will instantly produce a sensationally rich vintage feel. Consider having gold chiavari chairs, or white chair covers with complimentary saches or bows around the back of each chair. Centerpieces usually match the bridal party bouquets. Take the flowers used in your bouquet and include some long, tall individual peacock feathers in the vase and you have yourself a centerpiece as pretty as a peacock. Not only that, but you can also have small peacock feathers tucked into your napkins to finish your tables off beautifully.

Wedding Cake: Yes, even your wedding cake can take part in your wonderful theme. Although you may not want colour incorporated into your wedding cake, iced white feathers can provide breath-taking flair. Try a dotted line pattern when icing the feather shapes onto the main cake to keep it elegant and refined, and perhaps introduce a slight shimmer of gold or silver leaf. This will outdoubtedly create a stunning wedding cake that ties in with your whole day.

As with any wedding theme, the key is in the details. Small touches, create big impacts. The Peacock theme is truly a theme that is distinctive and undoubtedly stunning. Take time over the details and try to incorporate the colours into the main aspects of your day. You will most definitely create a wedding less ordinary and a wedding that will have lasting memories for your wedding guests. This is no ordinary day, this is your wedding, your wedding less ordinary.

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